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One of seven Vanguard Gems—unique and exciting don’t miss movies from some of the festival’s most innovative artists.


Holly Herrick, Sarasota Film Festival

“General Orders No. 9 speaks for itself. Perfectly orchestrated, there is no other film like this one. Beautiful, original, contemplative, stunning, resonant and the list could go on.”


Rachel Morgan, Sidewalk Moving Picture festival

“beautiful and haunting”
Marcus Rosentrater, CinemATL

The notion that General Orders No. 9 is a ghost was born from the necessity to communicate at once the mystery it preserves, the perspective it exhibits, and the polarized reactions it will continue to yield.

For some, this equation reinforces their belief that the film is a transparent spook; they can see right through it. It has no factual evidence for its absurd claims, and those who confess to find meaning in it have only witnessed an imaginary projection within their own mind.

For others, they will encounter a ghost; it will be beautiful and haunting. And, even if they don’t like what it says, it will speak to them. Their experience with the film will be impossible to fully communicate to others, but the spell has been cast.

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