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“A visual feast, a prayer – it carried me on a journey into the heart of things and put me out on the other side. Reordering, reorienting.”



One of seven Vanguard Gems—unique and exciting don’t miss movies from some of the festival’s most innovative artists.


Holly Herrick, Sarasota Film Festival

“makes Malick look like a straight shot of Hollywood”
Michael Tully, Hammer to Nail

General Orders No. 9 — Robert Persons delivers an aching ode to a simpler way of life—by way of reflecting upon the changes to his home state of Georgia—in this experimental cinematic tone poem. Certainly not for everyone, I was literally hypnotized by General Orders No. 9, which makes Terrence Malick look like a straight shot of Multiplex Hollywood. It’s one of the most defiantly personal works I’ve encountered in some time, and I look forward to revisiting it again.

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