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General Orders Makes ‘Best of 2011’ Lists

Continuing a series of accolades received through its festival tenure, a year of theatrical presentation results in General Orders No. 9 inclusion in several “Best” lists at the end of 2011.

These prestigious mentions include Paste magazine’s 50 Best Movies of 2011 (#7), 20 Best New Filmmakers (#2), and 20 Best Documentaries (#2).

In another prestigious appearance, GO9 makes the 2011 Hammer To Nail Awards, where Michael Tully writes:

“General Orders No. 9 is one of those films where the adjectives used to describe it—dense, meditative, reflective, confounding—are intended as compliments, yet they will be mistaken by many for pejoratives. And while it would be stubborn and ignorant to think that everyone will respond to it with open arms, its refusal to speak to anyone except itself is what makes it stand proudly on its own mountain. This first film (how is that possible?!) by Robert Persons is a thoroughly absorbing, hypnotizing experience. Persons’s lifelong passion for the arts—painting, poetry, literature, cinema—is reflected in each and every frame. And while one could write tomes about it, ultimately General Orders No. 9 must be experienced for oneself in order to truly grasp what Persons is saying.”