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Robert Persons Guests on Hope For Film

Filmmaker Robert Persons is today’s guest writer on Ted Hope’s “Hope For Film” page at IndieWire. Hope says:

I was moved, mesmerized, and pleasantly befuddled by Bob Person’s GENERAL ORDERS No. 9 this year, and you are soon going to get a chance to see it.  I screened it my film series in NY and Bob came in for it.  Bob did not rush out and make a movie after graduating college.  He did not come to this art form with youth infected innocence, yet he has an uncanny ability to make the common strange again.  Bob has a really unique eye and one can not help but be forever changed from the pleasure of viewing his film.  It is not surprising though, seeing what he likes in cinema.  Today he discusses that, and his rather later start, and to me, both are a much needed glass of cool cool water.

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