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One of seven Vanguard Gems—unique and exciting don’t miss movies from some of the festival’s most innovative artists.


Holly Herrick, Sarasota Film Festival

“A visual feast, a prayer – it carried me on a journey into the heart of things and put me out on the other side. Reordering, reorienting.”



“had me from the word go”
David Krasnow, Studio 360

360 Staff Pick
“General Orders No. 9” was the document in which Robert E. Lee ordered his troops to surrender to Ulysses S. Grant. A film of the same name by Robert Persons never refers to this document or to the Civil War itself, which is strange. There is a lot about this film — touring art house theaters around the US — that is strange, and troubling, and haunting, and beautiful. In this rare case, “visionary” is not too strong word…
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